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A wafter should float, but sink slowly with the weight of a hook attached. This critically balances the wafter and makes it waft. Because it wafts when a fish is feeding, it will rise up more quickly than a standard bottom bait into the fish's mouth resulting in more hooked fish.

If it sinks without the weight of the hook then it is not a wafter, it is a normal sinking bait and will not work as a wafter should. Always check your wafter in a tub of water before using it.

Band'um Wafters are a bait that has a buoyancy in between a bottom bait and a pop up, designed to counteract the weight of the hook.

Perfect for using with a Method Feeder the Band'um Wafter sits just above the pile of pellets or groundbait on the Method Feeder which means when a fish feeds the Band'um Wafter shoots into the fish's mouth leading to more and quicker bites.

A Band'um is the perfect hookbait for using with a bait band, its unique cylindrical shape with bulbous ends means that they can be banded with ease using a Pellet Bander or a Bait Bander and the bait band sits neatly in the middle slimmer section of the Band'um, this means the hook sits perfectly just below the middle of the bait meaning more hooked fish. Also the Band'um is less likely to be pulled off the hair meaning you can fish more confidently and more efficiently.

A Band'um Wafter is also an ideal bait for using on the pellet waggler, because it sinks more slowly than a standard bait the Band'um Wafter spends more time in the feeding zone than a standard bottom bait, giving the carp more opportunity to take it.

Band'um Wafters are the hookbait choice of many experts as they are perfect for all species of fish including Carp, Bream, skimmers and F1's.

Because the buoyancy of the Band'um Wafter is counteracted by the weight of the hook and band, you will need to find the right hook for your presentation, usually between a 12 and a 16 is the right size to balance the Band'um Wafter but it will depend on the pattern of hook used.

Available in 6flavour combinations and mixed colours to suit every fishing situation. A good tip is to keep changing the colour of your hookbait until you find the one that the fish prefer on that day.

Pina Colada, a great flavour combination of pineapple and coconut, the hookbaits are white and yellow which are proven winners on all waters, especially if the water is carrying a bit of colour, the yellow colour can really be picked out.

Krill Squid, vibrant pink and white which is a great combination of visual colour and strong fishy smell, perfect for commercials.

Banoffee; a mixture of banana and toffee, the hookbaits are yellow and toffee coloured and as you would expect the smell is really strong and sweet.

Chocolate Orange is a vibrant orange colour mixed with a pellet brown which gives you the best of both worlds.

Washed out wafters are as the name suggested washed out, the colours are subtle pastel pink, yellow and orange and they are designed to look like they have been in the water a while so giving the carp more confidence to eat them. The sweet creamy flavour remains strong and very potent.

The New Fluoro waftersare a mixture of 3 vibrant colours to attract all species of fish.